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Reusable Design Bottle

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At PURA, we elevate water to a pedestal. We want you to enjoy the best quality water wherever you are.

Whether at home, in the office, or on the go, we want you to always have access to healthy water or your favorite beverage. From fresh water to a rich cold brew, to your favorite infusions, smoothies made with PURA water, and any drink you fancy. Everything stays at its best with the ideal temperature and original flavors from the moment you prepared them.

How delightful it is to enjoy that prepared drink at home while strolling with friends, while playing sports, or at the office. The PURA HONU stands out with its presence as a standard of quality, design, and unique sustainability.

We only have one problem with our fans: which design to choose from, and if there’s anything we don’t want, it’s for you to have more than you need! Each PURA HONU is the ideal complement for sustainable hydration, avoiding the consumption of more than 1,500 single-use plastic bottles in just one year. Imagine, with how durable PURA HONU is (more than 5 years and I still have mine as I write this post), all the savings! That’s not the point, but it certainly helps with other things, not just for meaningless water bottles. One to rule them all, that’s PURA HONU.

Uses: To take it wherever you want with your fresh or hot beverage. You can put water, smoothies, flavored waters, coffee, tea, iced tea, and more. You can take it to the office, on the way home, to the gym, on a park stroll, camping, in your favorite sport, next to the computer, in your bag, in your backpack, and always within reach. Ideal for sports practice, ideal for the car’s cup holder, ideal to take while cycling or running, ideal for excursions and outdoor activities, beach, gym, and much more!

Cutting-Edge Technology: Triple Layer for the highest thermal resistance on the market. A first layer of 304 Stainless Steel with precise hermetic welding with internal laser seam (you can see it by looking inside your PURA Honu Thermos), a second vacuum insulation layer, and a third layer again of 304 Stainless Steel with electrolytic treatment.

What is the vacuum insulation of your PURA design thermos like? In the manufacturing process, each PURA Honu undergoes a treatment that eliminates air molecules between the two layers of Stainless Steel.

Why is it important? Without air molecules, thermal conduction and energy transfer are very slow. The PURA Honu insulation blocks heat or cold better than any other existing technology. The three layers add protection from convective, conductive, and radiant energy transfer.

Made of 100% 304 Stainless Steel, with a double layer and vacuum between the two layers forming a third vacuum insulation layer.

Unlike the commonly found similar ones, PURA HONU does not use low-quality stainless steels, it is not Stainless Steel 201, it is not Aluminum, nor is it comparable to a plastic cylinder. It is a super-durable product designed (and designed) to last forever. Because of all this, and unlike others on the market, PURA HONU does not emit strange odors or flavors.


It’s recommended to maintain normal hygiene habits, which include washing after each daily use. Since it’s made with non-porous materials, you can wash it however you like, even just with hot water without using detergents or soaps. In the unlikely event that you accidentally leave a drink inside your PURA HONU for many days, you can soak the bottle with boiling water overnight, then wash it with warm water and a teaspoon of baking soda, and finally rinse it with the juice of half a yellow lemon and water. While writing this, I felt like I was giving grandma’s home remedies, but yes, it works perfectly fine!

Capacity 500mL - 16oz
Stainless Steel 304
Lid Hermetic
Material BPA FREE

PURA is certified by:

*Water Quality Association *PURA Pro Series *Adjut Kosher *B-Corp certified *EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)