Reverse Osmosis System 5,000GPD. 210GPH

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PURA XPLUS 210 GPH is a Reverse Osmosis system with high-flow cross-flow membrane technology, providing a flow rate of up to 5,000 GPD of reverse osmosis water with PURA’s proprietary HighFlow membranes. These are the most advanced reverse osmosis membranes on the market, nearly doubling the performance of membranes of similar size (compared to 4″ x 40″ or 4040 membranes).

PURA SmartFlow X membranes and a high-pressure vertical multistage pumping system are some of the design secrets that allow doubling the flow rate of two-membrane reverse osmosis systems.

It features a compact design and built-in pretreatment, dual reverse osmosis membranes that achieve a flow rate of up to 210 GPH with the high-pressure vertical multistage stainless steel pumping system.

  • Salty water
  • Conductivity
  • Total Dissolved Salts (TDS)
  • Arsenic
  • Heavy Metals
  • Water Hardness
  • Chloride
  • Sulphate
  • kH and gH
  • Chlorine, PFAS and byproducts
  • Germs and Microbes
  • Virus
  • Microplastics and turbidity
  • Agrochemicals and pesticides
  • More than 1,000 substances
  • Exclusive design: our own patented technology.
  • 100% Stainless Steel structure.
  • OneButton technology: startup is as easy as connecting everything and pressing the single power button, and the system starts operating on its own.
  • Automatic cleaning system (FastFlush).
  • Comprehensive panel: Flowmeters to measure flow rate. Pressure gauges to monitor the overall system status and need for preventive maintenance. Water quality meters to monitor real-time water quality.
  • High performance and flow rate: Produces up to 1,000 liters per hour.
  • High-quality exclusive membranes: We do not use Chinese or other brand membranes because membranes are an essential part of the system’s correct operation. We use our own Pura SmartFlow X membrane technology with a standard size of 4″ x 40″.
  • 100% Stainless Steel vertical multistage pumping system.
  • ROBUST with the most compact design.
  • Stainless Steel concentrate regulation valve.
  • Sustainable: Maximizing water and energy efficiency.
  • Automated startup and shut-off when the tank is full.
  • Personalized expert support.

Application in all types of industries: Hospitality, gastronomy, buildings, community centers, Purification Plants, ice factories, laboratories, cosmetics, processes in the food industry (water ingredient) or process water, electronics industry, pharmaceuticals.

Cutting-edge Technology

Exclusive high-quality membranes, we do not use Chinese or other brand membranes because they are an essential part for the correct operation of the system.
We use 2 Pura SmartFlow 4040 membranes.
Smart panel, with 100% automatic operation (One-Button system).

  • 4 (four) pressure gauges (Manometers)
  • 2 (two) flow meters (In-line Flowmeters)
  • 1 (one) Conductivity sensor (Permeate) to verify water quality.

The PURA XPLUS 210GPH System has an incorporated intelligent controller that commands all processes to guarantee optimal operation.

STOP JUNIOR sediment pre-filter with triple gradient filtration (higher performance in time and liters than single micron filters).

Delivery time in case of no available inventory: Manufacturing from scratch (60 days).


The PURA XPLUS Purification Plant requires a guided start-up with the support of PURA’s technical service or that a technician designated by PURA be the installer and carry out the start-up. You can contact PURA via the Customer Service WhatsApp


  • iOT Module (Internet of Things) to control system variables remotely (know water quality produced remotely, know system operating status remotely, remote start or stop).
  • Enabled connection to incorporate chemical dosing.
  • Pre-treatment primarily dedicated to removing Hardness or sediments that may prematurely clog the STOP JUNIOR safety filter.

A lifetime reverse osmosis with easy maintenance

The maintenance of the XPLUS Purification Plant consists of 2 replacements:

  1. Annual replacement of the PURA STOP JUNIOR microfilter (Dimensions: 10″ x 4.5″).
  2. Replacement every 3 years of its 2 Pura SmartFlow membranes (Dimensions: 4″ x 40″).
  • Easy Change and Worry-Free. Easy, quick, and safe replacement procedure, the only maintenance required. We’ll notify you when it’s time to change the filter and the membranes.
  • Get your original PURA spare parts whenever you need them.
  • PURA limited Lifetime warranty.
Length, Width, Tall 22 in x 20in x 63 in
Min. Pressure 30 psi
Max. Pressure 300 psi
Inlet pipe (Ø) 3/4"
Inlet required Flow Rate 600 GPH
Pumping System Material Stainless Steel
Max. Permeate Flow rate 210 GPH
Fast-Flush Yes - Automatic FastFlush
Conductivity Sensor Yes
HighFlow Technology Yes
Intelligent Operation Yes

* Do not use the equipment with hot water


PURA is certified by:

*Water Quality Association *PURA Pro Series *Adjut Kosher *B-Corp certified *EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

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