Since 1984. Third generation water specialists.

Our purpose is to change the world through water.


Our goal isn’t to be the best company in the world; we aim to be the best company for the world.

We are convinced that well-designed, well-made, and durable products are a better choice and save more than those focused solely on price. We know that water is essential for life, which is why we treat the design and proper application of water purification systems as fundamental.

Through the design, development, manufacturing, and commercialization of water treatment solutions and engineering applied to water management at all scales, we ensure access to the best water quality. We seek maximum efficiency in water and energy use while promoting responsible and more sustainable consumption.

Because when you use PURA, not only do you save energy, water, and eliminate the use of unnecessary materials, but you’re also using a product that was produced responsibly.

In 2018 we certified as a B Corp, becoming one of the few water treatment companies certifying as a B Corp. But what does that actually mean? B Corps are businesses that live the highest social and environmental standards for people and the planet. It’s how we’ve always done business. It’s in our DNA. And since 2018 we have the stamp to prove it. We are recertified every three years and commit to continuing to improve to keep our B Corp status.

This means we meet the highest standards of sustainability, transparency, and accountability.
For us and our stakeholders, being certified shows we’re walking the talk on many of the issues we support our clients with.

A B Corp Certification means that a company has been verified as meeting B Lab’s high standards for social and environmental impact, that it has made a legal commitment to stakeholder governance, and that it is demonstrating accountability and transparency by disclosing this record of performance in a public B Corp profile. In this way, we aim to drive a global cultural shift, redefining business success and building a more inclusive, sustainable economy.

Good for you. Good for the Planet.
More PURA. Better World.

Our vision as a Certified B Corporation is to create a bridge to a sustainable future, promoting a new inclusive, equitable, and circular economy where business success is measured by its social and environmental impact.

We believe that every positive change is possible, and it starts with ourselves. When someone sees, hears, or feels WE ARE PURA, we want them to connect with a better quality of life and to positively influence others.

We believe that through our actions, we can improve how we interact with our planet and our community. That’s why we seek to inspire other change agents by encouraging responsible and less polluting consumption for our planet.

Our pillars are based on:

One by One Impact Business Model

Generating social and environmental impact based on our annual revenue; using the power of the market to work on impactful projects associated with achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Through our triple impact program Connected by Water, we collaborate to address various social and environmental issues. Our goal is to accelerate the democratization of access to clean water and sanitation (SDG 6).

Regarding our one by one business model, Pura is a member of the 1% for the Planet NGO, an international organization whose members are committed to contributing at least one percent of their annual sales to finance various environmental organizations. The goal is to collectively be a powerful force in solving problems associated with climate change and the protection and conservation of our marine ecosystems (SDG 14).

At Pura, we operate consciously, understanding holistically the continuous improvement to contribute to a circular economy capable of generating job opportunities based on economic, environmental, and social perspectives (SDG 17).

Our values describe our team spirit, aiming to make each day a positive experience by focusing on:

Conviction & commitment:

for doing work to care for the place where we live.


to create quality products and services to serve our customers.


for managing information and metrics in support of a corruption-free approach, applying continuous improvement to learn, excel, and achieve the best outcomes for the world.


to enrich our work through respectful and empathetic exchange with diverse individuals.