PURA Mediterraneo

Intelligent Water Softener

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Pura life-time warranty
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Intelligent High-Flow Water Softener

PURA Mediterraneo is the ultimate high-flow system for obtaining hardness-free water, eliminating the risk of scale buildup, and ensuring soft water. Its high flow rate makes it ideal for small-scale production processes, protecting industrial machines that process hot water, and managing large water flows in residential complexes, hotels, and food establishments. Designed for hard water areas, this intelligent softener safeguards your equipment and processes. Protect everything with your intelligent PURA Mediterraneo Water Softener.

  • Maximum performance.
  • Easy maintenance optimization. It only requires the addition of regenerating salt in the salt tank every 6 months on average. It consumes less salt due to its efficiency and smart operation.
  • Guaranteed soft water, or your money back. The only one to offer the PURA Effectiveness Guarantee.
  • Compact and aesthetic design, lifetime durability.
  • BPA Free. Food-grade components.
  • Ideal for well water, also suitable for tap water.
  • The highest flow rate. Up to 6,000 liters per hour and withstands pumps of up to 2HP.
  • Limited Lifetime warranty. Guaranteed lifespan of over 20 years.

100% Soft water

PURA Mediterraneo water softener is designed to consistently deliver soft water. Unlike other systems, it will never provide hard water in any of its processes. PURA Mediterraneo is the ultimate solution for enjoying all the benefits of soft water.

  • Limescale
  • Water Hardness
  • Iron / Manganese
  • Microplastics and turbidity
  • Salty water

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our high-performance ion exchange technology is exceptionally resistant to oxidation. It ensures water purification with long-lasting effectiveness, providing reliable results at all times.


A lifetime Water Softener with easy maintenance

Tu equipo durará de por vida. Sólo será necesario hacer dos tipos de mantenimientos:

  1. Adding non-iodized granular salt (for industrial use), also known as softener salt or regenerating salt. The addition is done according to actual water consumption and hardness (efficient-intelligent operation). It is placed in the same compact softener, free of external deposits. The average frequency of this task is every 4 to 7 months, meaning only 1 to 3 times per year.
  2. Resin replacement every 7 years on average.
  3. Optional annual check-up by PURA.
Min. Temp. 35ºF
Max. Temp. 125ºF
Avg. Flow rate 6500 Lt/hr
Min. Pressure 7 psi
Max. Pressure 120 psi
Resin Tank Volume 100 lts
Regen. Tank Volume 110 Lbs

* Do not use the softener with hot water.


PURA is certified by:

*Water Quality Association *PURA Pro Series *Adjut Kosher *B-Corp Certified *EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)