Water Purification Pitcher

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Pura life-time warranty
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More than just a pitcher – a Portable Water Purifier

Our portable water purifier comes in a pitcher format. It purifies with direct flow technology, providing instant flow. With a total volume of up to 3 liters (100oz) of purified water, in seconds. It does not require installation, so you can take it wherever you want, it even fits in your suitcase, takes up little space, and is super lightweight.

  • Dimensions designed for the refrigerator door: You can fill your pitcher and place it in the fridge to have purified and fresh water always available.
  • Non-slip base: Ideal for safely placing the pitcher on any surface.
  • Wooden handle: Connects you with nature and sustainable hydration from the moment you grab the pitcher.
  • Aesthetic and durable design for life.
  • BPA Free: Food-grade components.
  • No installation required. Fill the pitcher in just 20 seconds.
  • limited Lifetime warranty: Guaranteed lifespan of over 20 years.
  • Chlorine, PFAS and byproducts
  • Removes hardness
  • Great-tasting water
  • Germs and microbes
  • Microplastics and turbidity
  • Lead and Aluminum (old pipes)
  • Solid impurites

Drink Great-tasting Water

No installation required. Simply unwrap the core, place it firmly by applying some pressure to ensure it’s securely in place, and you’re all set!

Uses: Water for drinking, preparing meals, juices, smoothies, shakes, ice, baby bottles. Clean fruits and vegetables. Activate legumes. Feed pets.

Cutting-edge Technology

The replaceable Purification Core, which carries out the purification functions, is composed of high-purity Activated Carbon, impregnated with silver, bacteriostatic and of vegetable origin from renewable sources. It also features mixed-bed deionizing resins, composed of anionic and cationic resins, and 100% polypropylene microfiltration fibers.

Absolutely no installation required

A beautiful and lifetime product with an easy maintenance

Only one replaceable Purification Core needs to be replaced once a year on average, every 12 months.

      • Easy Change and Worry Free. The only maintenance, the replacement of its unique replaceable internal Purification Core, is easy, quick, and safe.
      • PURA Community: We notify you when it’s time to change cores.
      • Get your original PURA spare part, always, when you need it.
      • Free of special maintenance. No special cleanings required.
      • limited Lifetime warranty.
Min. Temp. 35ºF
Max. Temp. 125ºF
Avg. Flow Rate 3 Lt/min
Pressure Does not requires
Material BPA-Free Copolymer
Wooden handle Reforested Wood
Lifespan indicator Yes. PURA clock
Purifier Type Portable

* Do not use with hot water


PURA is certified by:

*Water Quality Association *PURA Pro Series *Adjut Kosher *B-Corp certified *EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

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