PURA Iguazu

High Performance Shower Purifier

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The daily indulgence you deserve with purified water.

Immediate Filtration with Pura Iguazu. High flow rate, eliminates Chlorine, chemicals, and lime scale, prolongs the effect of hair treatments, protects dye, soft skin protected with purified water, optimizes the effectiveness of soaps, shampoos, creams, health, and beauty treatments, maximizes your skin and hair care experience.

  • Chlorine, PFAS and byproducts
  • Odor
  • Lime-scale
  • Turbidity and microplastics
  • Lead and Aluminium (old pipes)

Applications: Healthier, silkier hair. Soft and hydrated skin. Improves the effectiveness of shampoo, creams, and soaps. Prolongs hair treatments. Body free of chlorine and impurities, pure steam. Suitable for babies. Highest quality water to protect the skin, hair, and entire body. Ideal for sensitive skin.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Rigid membrane composed of high-purity solid activated carbon, impregnated with colloidal silver, bacteriostatic effect, KDF-F, and microporous fibers.


Super easy, quick, and safe installation. Anyone can do it. The procedure is simply unscrewing the showerhead (or you can choose to unscrew the pipe that goes to the wall) and instead, screw in your new PURA Iguazu Shower Purifier.


A lifetime-lasting unit with high performance.

Your unit will last a lifetime. The only maintenance required is to replace the internal Purifier Core every 12 months on average.

Every PURA customer can rest assured knowing they have access to the internal Purifier Core whenever they need it. We maintain a continuous inventory of spare parts and components to promptly address your request.

      • Easy Change and Worry Free. The only maintenance required is the replacement of its unique, replaceable Internal Purifier Core, which is easy, fast, and safe.
      • PURA Community: We notify you when it’s time to change the Purifier Core.
      • Get your original PURA spare part, always, when you need it.
      • Free of special maintenance. No cleaning required.
      • Lifetime guarantee.
Min. Temp 35ºF
Max. Temp. 150ºF
Avg. Flow rate 5 Lt/min
Min. Pressure 7 psi
Max. Pressure 85 psi

* if you have any questions we are here to assist you


PURA is certified by:

*Water Quality Association *PURA Pro Series *Adjut Kosher *B-Corp certified *EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)