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PACK x 6 Units of Replacement Filter Core PURA BIG STOP

The PURA STOP Filter Core is a triple-gradient microfiltration filter that completely eliminates turbidity, suspended solids, sediments, and impurities in water. It is specifically designed for very dirty water, laden with soil, sand, and discolored by solid, non-soluble substances. Its manufacturing method ensures the highest performance combined with maximum effectiveness.

Uses: As a safety filter. As a filter for removing impurities installed before a water tank (cistern, tank). As a filter applied in the wine making industry, beer brewing, and distilled beverage production.

  • Turbidity
  • Color
  • Sediments
  • Particulates
  • Clay
  • Suspended Solids
  • Maximum performance: Triple gradient density for greater effectiveness and higher performance.
  • Compact and easy installation design.
  • Low pressure loss.
  • Made of sterilized elements to prevent bacterial attack.
  • Surface with antimicrobial treatment.
  • Corrosion-resistant materials.
  • BPA FREE. Food Grade Components.
  • Ideal for a wide range of applications, including residential, commercial and industrial use.
  • Specifically designed for water treatment, they do not impart taste, odor, or color to water.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The new PURA STOP Filter Core is achieved through our proprietary manufacturing process, which involves high-temperature fusion of materials to unite them into a single block. The technology of the materials and manufacturing provides the greatest rigidity, durability, and prevents the release of fibers into the water, features rarely found in conventional filters.
Manufactured in a compact form, the Core has technically more surface area, increasing flow rate and improving filtration performance. Due to the quality of our raw materials, components, and advanced manufacturing process, PURA STOP is technically graded for professional use without contributing fibers to the treated fluid, or any taste or odor, making it ideal for applications where the highest quality of liquid filtration is required.

Compatible with PURA BIG housing or standard universal 10” x 2.5” housings


The replacement of this replaceable internal Purifying Core is the only maintenance required for your PURA unit, which has durable parts designed to last a lifetime. The only maintenance is the replacement of its single replaceable internal Purifying Core once it becomes saturated with sediment.

This typically occurs after a year of use in residential applications with dirty water. It can occur after 6 months in industrial use with dirty water. Remember, its performance is not comparable to pleated paper filters or lower-quality filters, thanks to its materials and manufacturing technology.

Every PURA customer has the assurance of having the Replacement Filter Core available when needed. We maintain continuous inventory of spare parts.

    • Easy Change y Worry Free. The only maintenance required, replacing the single replaceable internal Purifying Core, is easy, fast, and enjoyable.
    • Comunidad PURA: We notify you when it’s time to replace your Filter Core.
    • Get your original PURA replacement, always, when you need it.
    • Free of special maintenance. No cleaning required.
Compatible with Universal 10" x 2.5"
Max. Temperature 122°F
Min. Temperature 60°F
Max. Flow Rate 3.5 m3/hr
Max. Pressure 8 bar (8 kg/cm2)
Height 25 cm
Weight 100 gr
Width 6.6 cm
Depth 6.6 cm
Service Life 365,000 liters
Filtering method Microfiltration
Manufacturing method Triple Gradient

* Suitable for food processes and laboratory use.


PURA is certified by:

*Water Quality Association *PURA Pro Series *Adjut Kosher *B-Corp Certified *EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

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