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UnderSink Installation Service

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Installation service for water purifiers. It corresponds to a standard installation. The Company undertakes to carry out the installation as soon as possible after purchase. The standard time to have the product installed is up to 15 business days. If you need urgent installation, please let us know. The delay from purchasing the service to the coordinated installation is usually not more than 15 days. If you need additional services that we can provide, our technical service team will assess the complexity of the extraordinary work to be carried out and, if necessary, will quote the agreed extra service.

If the standard installation conditions under the sink are met, no additional charges will be applied. The conditions to be met are as follows, as established in the Terms and Conditions:

Space for placing the Purifier: minimum height of 30 cm, 15 cm wide, and 15 cm deep.
Flexible cold water hose with 1/2” (half inch) thread accessible at a distance not greater than 50 cm from where the equipment is to be placed.
Adequate space above the countertop, sink, or basin to install the purified water faucet (considering base diameter, height of 30 cm, and faucet arc of 12 cm).
Sink, countertop, or basin no more than 2” thick.

Different conditions than the standard ones mean that the installer may be able to provide the service, with an additional charge appropriate to the extra work to be done.